about us


Geomaze Education and Research Development is a new venture of Geomaze Consultancy & Infrastructure, Rajkot. We have started a practical training program for all the Students/Professionals/Faculty/Research Technical institutes.

Our aim is to prepare skill-based professionals for a market, where each student becomes like An Industry Ready Engineer for society that too within the time limit. We want to establish a bridge between the Education System and Working Professionals.

Geomaze Consultancy & Infrastructure has deep experience in dreamless sectors of Urban Planning, Designing, Survey Work, Civil Works, Building Construction & Management, Consultancy, and all types of Consultancy Work, etc. The company needs are becoming more challenging, change is more frequent and projects require a variety of skills. We operate cross-platform teams for complex projects fusing different technologies.


GEARD has State of Art Education hub for all technical persons. All courses are developed uniquely as per industry’s requirement & student’s interest. We prepare industry ready engineers for our society so that after completing our technical training, student could survive on individually along with the  latest technology.


Our Company has provided Consultancy service for different Government authority and as well as provided Private Consultancy Service in different sectors.

We have more than 600+ Individual Clients in Gujarat State. As well as completed more 1900+ Layout work, measured more then 1,00,000 + Acre land, 1000+ acre land converted to agricultural to Non-Agricultural Land also design a 2500+ Building Plan Project  Completed by Over Expert Team.

Building Plan
Civil Engineering & Consulting
N.A. Land
Development Plan
Town Planning Scheme
Grid Road Network Planning

Our Approach to Quality

We Expect that taking a Well Balanced Approach, which is deeply ingrained into Geomaze’s Corporate Character and will continually challenge us to seek Exciting, Innovative Solutions for Each and Every Project.

Our Vision is for Germane to effectively and efficiently assist our clients to create Excellent Urban Environments that meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market place.

The Quality Group is a Collection of individuals responsible for implementing quality policy. The Quality Group is well supported by the Development Quality Assurance, Civil Engineering Group, Knowledge Management Group and the Training Group.

The Civil Quality Assurance Group ensures that the Project Quality Activities are Planned and implemented in accordance with our Quality Policy, in all Deliverables.

The Knowledge Management Group Ensures Latest technology is incorporated in to our Tools, Techniques and Methodologies used to deliver High-Quality Services to our customers ensure continuous process improvement.